A slow living approach to sleep

A slow living approach to sleep

For those looking for a slow living approach to sleep and bedtime routines why not try some of these handy tips that have helped me with my sleeping pattern. By doing these simple steps it has leads me on to having a much more fulfilling day the next morning…

Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy oils have been a godsend for me. There are various ways you can start to incorporate these in to your bedtime routine. You can rub in to your skin or add to a warm bath – one of the most perfect ways to unwind! Or, you can invest in an oil diffuser. For me lavender and peppermint scents really help with my sleep. If you’re looking for inspiration I thoroughly recommend small business, S.W. Botanicals for all your essential oil needs.

A simple cup of tea

Oh how I could write an ode to the simple cup of tea about how one sugary, hot drink can make almost everything seem so much better in a flick of a kettle switch. It really is a hug in a mug that makes you stop for say, 10 minutes to take a breather. However, I’ve moved away from caffeine after 5pm & my saving grace over the last year has been herbal tea. I adore sipping on a chamomile & honey or the Heath & Heather night time blend before bed (or even in bed to make it feel even more decadent.)

A digital detox

By limiting your screen time before bed it can really help you switch off. I’ve been cutting back mine for at least half an hour before I want to go to sleep and it’s doing me the world of good!

Instead, why not set aside some time to read. There is no better way to unwind than with the help of a great book. Reading has so many of the benefits that are more often than not associated with meditation. It improves concentration, reduces stress, and it’ll also entertain you in the process. Wrap up nice and cosy in a blanket, grab your brew, and settle back into your reading space.


Before my head hits the pillow I always like to end the day with a grateful heart. I will take out notebook and pen and write 3 things I am grateful for, and 3 things I achieved. They don’t have to be big, monumental things but significant enough to make you feel like you’ve spent the day the best way you can before you let the clock tick over in to the next 24 hours. Here are two posts to help you start your journaling process, here & here.

Healing Crystals

This is for the woo amongst us. However, hear me out. Since garnering a lovely collection of crystals, each one with healing powers for different things, they’ve dramatically improved my life. I take to bed three crystals and lay them on my bedside table. I have rose quartz for anxiety, black tourmaline to protect myself from negative energy and a clear quartz point with black tourmaline running through it. Since adding this to my routine it has helped me tenfold.

I hope these tips help you with your slow living approach to sleep! Should you find problems persist with your sleep patterns that it affects your day to day life, please seek medical advise.

If you’re looking to slow down and take up a new creative hobby, check out our therapeutic wreath making kits here.

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