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Your home of quiet, creative joy inspired by the wild outdoors. We are here to help you find your inner calm and creativity with our mindful making, diy crafting kits.

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Do you want time to escape?

Here at The Quietly Wild Store, we believe in allowing ourselves time off in our busy schedule to enjoy Mindful Making & Conscious Crafting. It's time to get present instead of perfect. That's exactly why we love our DIY dried flower & crafting kits Enjoy quietly on your own or spend time with loved ones creating your beautiful wreaths.

"My soul is tuned in to the quietness, peace and stillness that nature inspires." - Shikoba

Meet our founder, Bee

Hi, I'm Bee & I am the founder of the quietly wild store. As a lover of the wild outdoors, I find my inner calm from forest-bathing to walks by the babbling rivers, from being down on my in laws farm to just closing my eyes and listening to birdsong for 5 minutes each day. I've leant in to the healing properties that comes with being surrounded by or to just be outside in nature. It can really bring a sense of peace & tranquility in to our lives, (especially when life can be so chaotic.) Mixing this with my love for creating beautiful dried flower wreaths, it has inspired me to bring the outdoors in to the home. I'm on a mission to help those who want to lead a slower pace of life through creative activities & calming products.