Hello, it’s been a while…

Well hello, it’s been a while. (I hope you’re all keeping well?)

It’s been a year in fact. After I wrapped up the last of my spring wreath making workshops at the Crown Hotel in Boston Spa this space on the internet pretty much fell off a cliff. A total nosedive.

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Well, there was a good enough reason for that, because in between packing all those Spring wreath kits I was puking in to a toilet because I was in the early stages of growing my own little seedling, who has now turned in to the most beautiful little petal. Madeleine Harper, who is very nearly six months old, and she has us all wrapped around her little teeny, tiny fingers.

When I first started building The Quietly Wild Store, I was in essence, filling a void. My husband & I had started trying for a baby a little while before the un-glorious lock-down we had and sadly we had little to no success on that. (You can read about our fertility journey here.)

To say it truly pierced a big hole in my heart would be an understatement, so I set to finding solace in a hobby, a new business – one that could bring joy in to other people’s lives. Something I was desperately searching for myself.

Fast forward to early months of 2022, I finally found myself pregnant – the most wonderful experience I could have truly imagined (even if it was plagued with gestational diabetes.)

Growing a human certainly slowed things down here, and looking after her has made it nigh on impossible to even look at this slice of the web. But truth be told, with the weather changing and with Spring that’s just knocked on our doors I’m craving the ability to keep carving out a life that we love. One that can bring my daughter love, happiness and experiences aplenty. And if by magic, I remembered just how The Quietly Wild brought in so much light in to my life at at time of such sadness (not that there’s much of that around here right now!)

My daughter has given me that fire in my belly again. It’s this itch that I need to scratch. There’s a lot of ideas whirring away in my head, but after a poll I ran over on Instagram, it seems you guys are still desperate for lots of quiet, creative joy too. I for one, am excited to get going with that again.

So, please bear with me whilst I work things out, but soon, I hope I can share with you what I plan to do and how I hope to keep The Quietly Wild Store alive and kicking (even if it didn’t draw breath for the best part of a year!) We are well and truly here to stay.

In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you if there’s something you’d like to see on the online shop, or if you’d like to see wreath making workshops make a comeback. I am all ears!

Thank you for still sticking around!

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