Why we didn’t take part in Black Friday this year…

Hello my lovely quietly wild ones… I’m here to tell you why we didn’t take part in Black Friday this year.

This past weekend is one that a lot of small businesses despise.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a time & place for this kind of flash sale, but it’s become something of a two week stretch of endless emails with “deals you just can’t miss” when in reality, there’s not always those massive savings to be had that we are all being lead to believe there is.

As a small business, not only is it difficult throughout the rest of the year to be in competition with bigger companies & brands, it’s definitely even harder out here during these big black Friday sales.

Because of that there’s a huge amount of pressure for small businesses to keep up with the constant discounts and sales & quite frankly, it’s near on impossible to compete. We don’t blame any small, indie business who chooses to offer a discount (perhaps next year we will be singing a different tune.)

This is isn’t a “woe is me” letter to you all. In fact it’s quite the opposite. After all, we’ve taken the stance to not discount right now. It’s simply to share with you what it means to the small business community (and us!) when you choose to shop small whether they have a sale or not.

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You see, for The Quietly Wild Store we already have a few obstacles to withstand. With the rising cost of flowers, Brexit, shortage of drivers & more implications that you can shake a stick at.

Not least the time spent putting orders together, keeping the website ticking over and the constant social media updates (but this is all is our cross to bear and we own it!)

We know that hand on heart, we’ve always priced our wreath kits & workshops fairly and competitively, and at a price point that is favourable to our lovely customers, which also doesn’t cripple us as a small business. 

We do it all, because we love it. 

Then we also offer our reduced price Lucky Dip kits throughout the year to make sure we’re using every last stem (to be as sustainable as possible), so it’s a super affordable way to enjoy wreath making (& it doesn’t have to be Black Friday to get your hands on one of these.)

We know some small, indie biz’ feel pressured in to offering some kind of discount during this peak time.

So, all we kindly ask of you is that if you can, that you support us now, next week & in the years to come. Discount or no discount.
And by that, I mean it doesn’t even have to be a sale right now. It can be a like, a share, a comment, a follow, a review, a referral to a friend.

We bring a heart and a soul to shopping. As do many others in our lovely community of small businesses. And we truly hope that that shines through every time we show up here online.

Finally, if you’re being drawn to the sales, we promise we won’t hold it against you (we are well aware that these types of sales can help those who most need it and can bring the odd saving here and there!) but please do always remember that it’s only good value, if it’s something you wanted in the first place.

Have the most amazing weekend pals, and we promise that our next post we will go easy on the text (😂) congrats if you made it this far!
Bee x

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