5 tips to recharge your batteries during January

After the hustle and bustle after a busy festive period, it’s easy to feel burnt out come the new year. New years goals and resolutions are on the tip of everyone’s tongue, whilst some of us feel like we’ve only just about survived 2021. Here are 5 tips to recharge your batteries during January…

5 tips to recharge your batteries during January

Get outdoors

I’ve often said that my favourite time to head outdoors is winter. Whilst people see the bleakness of the cold, I much prefer it! You can stomp around without getting too hot, and for someone like me who steams up just from drinking a cup of tea it means I’m much more likely to take a longer, more extended adventure outside. Our DIY foragers wreath kit will encourage you to seek quiet, creative joy from the wild outdoors (Plus there’s a little sale on this product from the 31st December to the 7th January 2022.)

Limit your screen time

We know this one is easier said than done, but doom scrolling doesn’t help anyone. Not only can taking time away from your phone stop you falling down comparison and imposter syndrome traps, it can really show you what’s important. We all love capturing memories, but how many times do you reach for your phone to share what you are doing instantly instead of just embracing the moment? It’s amazing how many times we can pick up our phones as force of habit nowadays, so help yourself by popping your phone in another room making it a little bit harder to have a quick social media scroll.

Create a “leave in 2021” list

Did you find yourself saying “yes” to engagements you really didn’t want to go to, or perhaps you stressed out about a situation you couldn’t control? As we enter a new year it’s so easy to get swept up with new goals! Perhaps during January take time to sit down and reflect. Grab a pen and write everything on a piece of paper that you want to leave in the past. Once done, rip it up in to pieces and throw it away or put it in your log burner to turn to embers. It’s surprising how freeing this experience can be. Doing this gives way for you leave those bad habits in 2021, and free’s up the space to work on any resolutions you do decide to make!

Find something (anything!) that’s just for you

In the golden age of the side hustle, try and find yourself a hobby, activity or pastime that is simply “just for the fun of it.” And did we mention, just for you? We don’t have to monetize everything, nor do we have to spend the majority of our life people pleasing! Those two things alone can take the joy away from life! Take this as your permission slip to embrace something that doesn’t come with any external noise or constraints, no targets, no other humans you have to answer to. For me, doing something creative ticks both of these boxes! From embroidery to wreath making, from pottery to painting, try different things to find what makes your heart sing. Our Wreath Kits are a great way to start your journey of creative wreath making with prices starting from only £32 a kit.

Be gentle with yourself

It really is that simple. How often do you berate yourself internally for doing something you deemed wrong in hindsight or feel awful for how you handled a situation. Do you find the guilt creeping in frequently? We really need to cut the slack and be much more gentle on ourselves! If you find yourself giving yourself a hard time, pause, acknowledge it and say kind things to yourself to change the narrative – it’s been a tough old two years and it’s time we gave ourselves a break!

How will you recharge your batteries during January?

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